Kishli Khan, Saif al-Din Aibek

Kishli Khan, Saif al-Din Aibek
   He was the brother of Balban and became prominent during Nasir al-Din Mahmud Shah's reign (1246-1266). After Kushlu Khan (also known as Bal-ban-i Kalan [Elder Balban]) was ousted from Nagaur in 1246, the place was conferred on him. But on Balban's dismissal from the po-sition of na'ib, Kishli Khan was deprived of his iqta' at Nagaur. His fortunes again brightened with Balban's regaining his position in 1255; he was appointed amir-i hajib and muqti' of Meerut. On his death in 1259, the position of amir-i hajib went to his son 'Ala al-Din Muhammad.

Historical dictionary of Medieval India. . 2011.

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